Monday, December 23, 2013

Missouri October 2013

Hi! Ready for another photo dump? We went to Columbia back in October. Some highlights from the trip:
Got to hang out with Kelly and fam a few times!
Celebrated our second wedding anniversary with my parents, brother, and his girlfriend Lauren with an amazing dinner at CC Broiler's. 
Saw my first "parklet" in downtown Columbia. 
Made love with Booche's burgers. 
For the first time ever did NOT go to Shakespeare's. 
Went to a wonderful show at the Blue Note-Neurtral Milk Hotel
Went to the Mizzou/Florida game with Bobby and my dad. 
My dog nephew, Brute

Nelson Atkins Museum in KC


Our 2nd wedding anniversary. Bobby wearing my mom's ridiculous reading glasses. 

Bobby's first visit to Sub Shop
Dinner with Kelly!
We met Kelly and kids at Countryside to play!

I don't know why all the pictures with my mom are gone. Bummer. But this was a wonderful trip. It had been so long since I had been home in the fall.