Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Really just tired of seeing the Halloween pictures on my blog when I go to it just to click on links to other blogs. So here are a few photos of our low key just the two of us Thanksgiving. (I've been going through a "what's the point?" feeling with my blog hence the lack of posts. Still not sure if I'll continue but in the meantime I'll throw out a few photos you might have missed on the instagrams or Facebook.)

I was sick so I took it easy watching Mystery Science Theater in between cooking duties while Bobby watched football. (He peeled the sweet potatoes and made his delicious pumpkin pie.) He gets a pass on Thanksgiving since he does the majority of the cooking at home. I also made turkey, gravy, candied sweet potatoes and took the easy prepared way with rolls and cornbread stuffing. Leftovers created turkey soup. The night was capped off with our holiday tradition passed along from Bobby's family of playing 500 Rummy, Bobby winning of course. 

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Maggie said...

That sounds like fun! (not the sick part) I have definitely gone through blogging funks myself. But I do love following you on this blog and on instagram.