Sunday, July 21, 2013


After months of talking about it, Bobby and I made a short weekend trip to Dallas to see friends. I had a great time catching up with Susan, seeing her apartment, trying new restaurants, shopping, and driving around looking at some houses in some gorgeous neighborhoods including the Bush's!  Bobby got some guy time in with Charles, his buddy who DJ'd our wedding. Despite being sick, it was what I needed to briefly distract me from the shit that is work. We had a brief pit stop in Hillsboro so I could see the motel where one of my favorite movies, Bottle Rocket, was filmed. Nerd alert. 
    Cute store in Dallas. 
   Props to Dallas for more public art. 
    Our hotel room was Texas'd out with star wallpaper in the bathroom and all. 
    Another cute home store. Sadly I bought nothing but food in Dallas. 
    Isn't Susan's apartment so glamorous? I loved it. 
    The Bottle Rocket motel

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