Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blogger's block "f"

Fun. Fun is freakin' important. I've been trying to remember this lately and trying to have some!  Last weekend we had our  friends Cody and Madelyn and their totes adorbs daughter Greta over for dinner. It was fun to watch Choji interact with little Greta. 
We've been taking advantage of our neighborhood pools and visited three times this week. Going after work made it feel like work had never existed that day. 
Yesterday I met with my Mortified performer for our August show. He's an interesting guy and a professional poet. Writing a comedy piece for a professional writer is intimidating but I'm excited about it.   After that Bobby and I went swimming. Later we met friends for dinner at House Pizzeria, the site of our rehearsal dinner, and then went to see some people I know perform improv. Today has been errands, pool, and crappy TV watching day. Fun is key to removing some of the intense stress and anxiety I've been experiencing. 

    Taking pictures if choji is fun to me. 

    Playing around with photo editing apps is fun to me. 
    I've been looking forward to Jeff Lewis on TV again for weeks!

    Spider House

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