Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Regulators! Don't Mount Up

So Jeep Liberties have these things called window regulators that basically keep your windows up. This auto part sucks! I had one break about a year ago and replaced it with the mechanic telling me that the Liberty window regulators always break. So yesterday I noticed my passenger side rear window would not roll up and eventually slipped down all the way. Took it to the dealership-dang regulator broke again. They told me to call Chrysler to complain-but that did nothing but waste several hours of my time and phone minutes. While in the shop a girl walked in with the exact same problem. One of the managers told me they had just fixed two more that morning. So after spending most of my day in the repairs office, the mechanic ended up rigging the window so it would stay up and I left the shop deciding whether or not to fix it. Later I go back out to go for a run and notice the driver's side window is down. What are the chances? The other freakin' regulator broke on the same day! Shop was closed so took it in this morning. Wasted more time with Chrysler customer service-(don't get me started) and then the mechanic said if you leave your car here we'll figure something out. I didn't have my car for the day, but it had a happy ending because the dealership ended up actually fixing both windows for no charge! So yay $600+ I didn't have to spend despite wasting several hours of my life! Now will they do the same when they break again next year?


Swampy said...

sorry to hear about all of your car woes... i find car maintenance to be super frustrating

jessica said...

Thanks swampy. It's frustrating but I'm not ready to give up on Black Libby yet.