Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Want Stuff

For those of you shopping for my 1/2 birthday coming up June 28th (I'll be out of town by the way), here's a list of stuff I want.
  • New digital camera. I got mine free which I'm grateful for and all and I don't typically upgrade anything until something breaks, but I want a better camera!
  • Car stereo with auxiliary jack simply so I can listen to my iPod in my car without static.
  • Wireless internet card or whatever it's called. I thought my laptop came with an internal one but NO, I was wrong.
  • New DeVotchka CD
  • New Old 97's CD
  • New Mates of State CD
  • A Meat Purveyor's reunion show.
  • An Old 97's show at the Blue Note in Columbia, MO
  • A charger thing for my iPod
  • ACL 3-Day Pass
  • A trip to Chicago to visit Kate, Maggie, their little ones and their husbands too.
  • A trip to NYC to visit Susan.
  • A trip to the STL to visit Julianne
  • An extra trip home to Columbia to have more time to visit Kelly.
  • A ticket for Julianne to visit me in Austin for her birthday.
  • A dog, but only if someone's willing to take care of it for me.
  • A Chi flat iron
  • A darkroom class from Daugherty Arts Center
  • A bladder for my Camelback
  • A new bike
  • Tennis Shoes (for running. Yes, I've been trying to run now despite it being 100 degrees outside!)
  • Tennis lessons
  • Workout clothes
  • My two chairs that are currently at my parents' house-would require you to have them shipped or make a road trip to Missouri and Texas.
  • A sewing machine
  • Someone to go to the driving range with that won't make fun of my jr. clubs nor my suckiness


Cody said...

I can take care of the driving range part....

Swampy said...

cody, totally stole mine - I have a sewing machine, we could work on stuff at my house together and you can borrow Bluebonnet whenever you want, oh and I'll go to Chicago with you.

madelyn said...

Dang it, they are taking all the good ones. If you want to feel good about your golf skills, though, go with me. You will also feel better about your ability to control your temper because golfing makes me angry. I'm working on the rest of the list, I'll let you know how it turns out.

iamcootis said...

I have the new Mates of State.

jessica said...

Yay-We need to try to get this driving range thing rolling!

Camron-I'll trade burned CD's with you!

Tobi-you can come to Chicago with me. My friend Maggie in Chicago already likes you without even meeting you. You have to play up the accent though-she'll like you more.

Swampy said...

I just re-read this list... man you are needy.

jessica said...

Tobi-when you wonder why i slap you in the face the next time I see you just refer back to your posting above.