Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dang It

Message to Kewpie Girls-Sometimes it's a true inconvenience to me that you all don't live in Austin. We could go to dinner, have brunch, I could babysit...and I could use you right now to go grab some ice cream or something while I feel a little down in the dumps. Dang it girls.


Swampy said...

awww, man, i wish i would have been available to hang out with you even though i'm not a kewpie

Kate said...

that's it. i have to come. must talk to joe tonight. must figure out plan.

p.s. there's a very good chance that I might be in dallas in late july. worst case, maybe we can figure out a way to hang for a night?

will call soon!

Kate said...

p.s. i told joe that if it snows on father's day, we're officially moving. (not 100% sure where, as this is a remote possibility.) so, you could always hold out hope for that, too.

madelyn said...

Shoot, girl. I would have gone to get some ice cream with you! Unless it was some kind of special Kewpie ice cream. I just don't know about that kind of thing.

jessica said...

Swampy-let's get together when you have time.
Kate-I need to make a Chicago trip in the near future. BTW, lots of cute houses for sale in my hood.
Madelyn-We can go grab some gelato/sorbet again sometime!