Sunday, May 25, 2008


I'll admit, I've never done crack cocaine, but I imagine it to be like Chuy's creamy jalapeno or Sex in the City episodes. I have to stay away from the creamy jalapeno because once I start I can't stop. I've even gotten up and walked away from it (at work) but just kept going back for more. I thought I was finished with my Sex in the City addiction-used to watch every week, really hadn't watched since the show was over. Lately I've been catching it on TV. Before I could easily flip through, but now I get stuck and I watch. And then watch the episode after that one. And then actually reflect on the episode, like, "you're right Carrie. It is hard to walk in a single woman's shoes so that's why we need to treat ourselves to special ones from time to time." Or, "maybe I should move to New York because love is possible, anything's possible in NYC." If I start watching Sex in the City while eating creamy jalapeno dip and chips you'll know it's time for an intervention.


Swampy said...

I'd mainline that shit if I could.

Cody said...

I've smoked crack while eating salsa... It was pretty intense.

Susan said...

Yes, definitely, move to NYC!