Sunday, May 25, 2008


There's a commercial for this product called Shamwow, an amazing shammy that can dry anything instantly-cars, spills, humans, etc. Very tempting. Every time I see that commercial the line that stands out to me is, "You spend $20 a month on paper towels anyway." $20 on paper towels? Holy crap, that's a lot of paper towels.


Swampy said...

one day I sent a text to Angela and said "i need a shamwow"... she replied back that we could get $4 of them for $20. it was scary that she knew that.

jessica said...

We should split it. Besides, we're spending $20 a month on paper towels anyway.

madelyn said...

I easily spend $20 on paper towels, but that's because I use them dry off after a shower, at the pool, as a blanket in the winter.