Saturday, April 26, 2008

Area Cab Driver Purchases Petite Women's Shoes

Thanks to Tobi and Kris for hosting a garage sale at their house this morning and allowing me to try to dump my crap on other people! If it weren't for them I wouldn't be $22.25 richer nor would I be two boxes and a garbage bag lighter.

Angela helped make my morning delicious by bringing a variety of kolaches. I pretty much spit in my diet's face today. I can't resist a sausage and cheese kolache. I had never heard of a kolache until I moved to Texas. Thanks for nothing Texas with your kolaches and breakfast tacos! I survived 25 years without them and now suddenly I sometimes "need" kolaches and breakfast tacos? No wonder Texas made me fat.

Back to the garage sale. Let me tell you my favorite part. A man sporting trendy glasses pulled up driving a cab. In an African accent, he asked me, "Do you all have any shoes for sale?" I told him only ladies shoes to which he responded, "I like to wear them at night." Okay, cool, my mom had a cross-dressing friend I think to myself. I showed him the shoes and told him we only had small sizes. Apparently this did not matter because he ended up buying a pair of Angela's shoes, a few of Tobi's flip-flops, and a box of my size 4/5 shoes! I have to say he got an incredible deal on some super expensive shoes, one of the many disadvantages of having small feet. I was glad to get rid of them but still wonder what he's going to do with all of those shoes that are way too small for him. Plus, this seemed routine for him, going to garage sales and buying shoes. Does he wear them? Does he buy them for women? Does he sell them at a flea market? (That's Tobi's idea) Does he have a shoe fetish? Just doing his part in keeping Austin weird I suppose.

To celebrate our "hard work," and by hard work I mean getting up early on a Saturday morning and standing outside in beautiful weather, we treated ourselves to my current love, Torchy's Tacos, and drinks from Little Woodrow's on their great deck. Is there any other way to enjoy a sunny Saturday afternoon? Hmmm, maybe how I'll enjoy a Sunday afternoon too...Any takers? Screw the diet until Monday.

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Swampy said...

It was a great Saturday.