Monday, April 28, 2008

The Bachelor: London Calling Episode Seven

Damn you Matt for sending Amanda home! I know she says "like" like too much, but like you chose Chelsea over Amanda "meep!" Chelsea has no personality and to get caddy, has the worst style on the show. What was up with her hair in the final rose ceremony? Up in a mini clip and then twisted like a braid? Huh? You better be proposing to Shayne to redeem yourself!

Embarrassingly enough, this episode brought back memories of love and what it's like to have your heart ripped away. A stupid "reality" show stirred my emotions. Brought back so many of the things I wish I would have said to him and that feeling of missing him so much that I feel it in my chest and throat. So many times I wish I could do over. So many times I wish I would have been more honest rather than sugar sweet. So many times I wish I would have been more selfish. Waiting for that moment when regret transforms into the feeling of no regrets. Angry that he can't know the person who I am now. Waiting for that regret, hurt, sadness, and longing to leave the pit of my stomach. Good God how long does that take to happen?

Damn you Bachelor!


Swampy said...

Only 3.5 more days til the Kentucky Derby!!! (Just trying to get your mind off the past.)

jessica said...

Thanks Swampy. Looking forward to the Derby!

Cody said...

Only 13 days until WILCO!

Susan said...

I'm with you on Amanda and Chelsea!! I had a feeling that Amanda was going - her date seemed a bit awkward - but I really didn't want her to go. I like Shayne, but it seems weird that she could be engaged...I'm not sure she can handle it yet.