Friday, April 25, 2008

Last Weekend in a Nut Shell

Me wearing Nanny's necklace during Photo Booth Pub Crawl Night of Debauchery. Photo courtesy of Baconator

Deez Nutz! Sorry. So if you want to get a more elaborate recount of last weekend please read my lovely friends' blogs...Pearl Girl and Swampy. I've gotten lazy, but I'll sum it up.

Friday night we had our monthly Yelp party. Let's just say that there was a Polaroid camera for a group photo project, free vodka drinks, and free sake cooler drinks. What's a sake cooler, Jessica? Well reader, it's like a wine cooler but made with sake. Yeah, I didn't know they existed either. I had the chance to get some free drinks, throw up my Midwest gang signs for a Polaroid shot, mingle with some fun people, and help drive a drunk friend home. (Booyeah!) Yes, contrary to popular belief, I do care about people.

I spent too much time outside riding my bike and walking around my hood to be fully prepared for what went down Saturday night...The Photo Booth Pub Crawl Night of Debauchery organized by fellow Yelper Jon. We all met at a bar and then walked to every bar downtown with a photo booth. So much fun and naughtiness went down with photo evidence to prove it.

Looking forward to the next Yelp event, taking a coach down to San Antonio to watch the Kentucky Derby where I will sport my free SXSW goody-a Penguin brand straw hat. Please Lord do not let anyone puke on the bus!


Swampy said...

I will second the wish for no one to puke on the bus.

Kate said...

dude, you know how much I LOVE photo booths...

iamcootis said...

Glad you drove Don home. He was really drunk.

jessica said...

Kate-it would have been right up your alley but you know that now photo booths have a button you push to take the picture? No longer do you have to guess when it's going to take.

Camron-Good try.