Sunday, March 16, 2008

South by Southwest 2008 Saturday

Castledoor-the singer drank my bloody mary




Mitzi, me, and Kristi at Cedar Street

Saturday afternoon Mitzi and I went to Cedar Street Courtyard for the Filter Magazine party. First we saw a band I had never heard of but ended up really digging called Castledoor. They are from LA and apparently not signed yet. The music was fun and the band just seemed like they were loving performing. They had two keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, and the singer who was pretty wild. I was in the front row and almost got injured a few times. The singer threw the mic stand down and if I hadn't jumped back it would have hit me in the face. Then he stepped on top of some kind case on wheels that I was standing behind and I swear he was going to fall on top of me. Instead, he took my glass that I had been drinking a bloody mary out of and chugged the remnants in mid song. So weird. At the end of the song he asked the crowd, "Hey do you like bloody marys? Well, I don't. I wanted a drink and saw that glass with ice and leftovers of what I thought was a different mixed drink, but it was a bloody mary and I'm still pretty freaked out." Hilarious.

Next was Devotchka. Yes, Devotchka two days in a row for me! (See SXSW 2008 Friday post) Front row amongst a huge crowd. They were so good and seemed to have more energy compared to the day before at ACL Studio. Their music is so beautiful it just amazes me.

After Devotchka Mitzi and I hiked over to Waterloo Park for the Don't Mess with Texas party. There were three stages but we just checked out the comedy stage. Unfortunately we missed Janene Garafalo but we caught Brian Posehn and Human Giant. Brian Posehn has been in all sorts of things including the Sarah Silverman Show. His set was short but really funny. The guys from Human Giant , a sketch comedy show on MTV, were hilarious. Two of them came out and did a sketch about shooting t-shirts out of t-shirt guns. Later Mitzi and I ate at Serrano's and saw Brian Posehn again. I'm glad we caught some of the comedy because that's something I've never done at SXSW.

Despite not having a wristband, this was one of my best SXSW experiences. Got to see some of my favorite bands, discovered a couple of new ones, and had some celebrity spottings.

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Anonymous said...

Hey what's up, I just randomly found your site. Anyways I just thought I would leave you an interesting fact about the band "Castledoor". Did you know the lead singer (Nate Cole {or formally Nathan David Forrest Cole}) you talk about used to be in a christian BOY BAND called "Plus One". Yeah, I used to be a stalker of his. Also another member of Castledoor was int the same boy band with him (Gabe Combs, he's the one married to the pretty blonde in the pic..Anyways just thought I would tell you cause it's kinda funny now that he's in a completely diferent style of music, and he's all crazy and stuff ;)