Sunday, March 16, 2008

Father Daughter Moments

Insert me, my mom, and my dad into this picture and you'll have SXSW 2009

Conversation regarding SXSW free parties...

Dad: "So Jess, did you go to the such and such Irish music party?"
Me: "No, didn't hear about that party."
Dad: "What about the Latin music party? They had free Cuban food there."
Me: "No, didn't hear about that party. I had free fajita tacos and beer at yesterday's party though."
Dad: "I think we (Mom, Dad, and their friends Dale and Joe) are going to come down next year
and do the free day parties."

He is being completely serious. Today my mom said, don't worry, we won't all stay at your place. I said be prepared for crowds. You have to be a very patient person. She responded with, "I'm a patient person."

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madelyn said...

Is that guy worried that someone is going to steal his earlobe? I wonder if he has ever lost the key to that earring/lock.