Sunday, March 16, 2008

SXSW 2008 Friday

Devotchka at Austin City Limits Studio

Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood taking pictures of The Golden Dogs

Elijah's poster

Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction

I started off my Friday SXSW experience by going to the Austin City Limits Studio on the UT campus to see Devotchka. KEXP, Seattle's NPR station, always does live recordings from ACL studio during SXSW. Last year I saw Beirut. It's such a great place for a show because there are not many people there, the studio is small, it feels like you are at a band's band practice, and it's ACL Studio people! That's cool in itself!

If you are not familiar with Devotchka please check them out! If you've watched the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" then you have heard them because their music is playing in practically the entire film. They are from Denver and play a million different instruments...guitar, tuba, stand-up bass, drums, violin, accordion, keyboard, and more. They had a full orchestra with them for the KEXP broadcast. It was beautiful. Sadly they had a late start because of some technical issues, so they played a very short set.

I then picked up Mitzi and we headed for parties downtown. Let me tell you that my whole goal for SXSW this year was to see Elijah Wood. He's at SX every year and now has a record label, Simian Records. I know a lot of people who had already spotted him this year and I've always had a crush on him...Okay so...We started out at Dirty Dog for the Yep Roc Records party and saw a great band that I had never heard called Golden Dogs. I believe they are from Canada. Lots of energy and fun music. Who do I see while watching the band...Elijah Wood...all cute in a pearl snap shirt and jeans. I turned to Mitzi and grabbed her hand, "Its Elijah Wood!" He was putting up a Simian Records poster but needed help from some taller guys. He then stood a few feet in front of me enjoying the band and taking pictures. Swoon.

Mitzi and I left and stood in line to try to get in to see Jens Lekman from Sweden (check him out please!) at the Hot Freaks party at Club Deville. We finally got in, grabbed some free Lonestar and staked out a spot...not in front, but still a good spot. He was so funny, cute, and a great performer. KUT has been playing his song, "The Opposite of Hallelujah" quite a bit. I highly recommend that you listen to the song. It's currently my myspace profile song. Jens did an awesome version of it with a sampling of (this may not be the exact title) "Give me just a little more time" mixed in the middle. I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to see him live! Mitzi and I hung out a little longer after the show and I'm so glad we did because I scored a free Penguin hat and shirt because they were one of the sponsors. Now I just need to go golfing so I have a good excuse to wear the hat!

Mitzi and I met some of her friends after Club Deville and while walking down the street we saw Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction. He was walking with a tall blond girl. I always kind of thought he preferred the boys, but it is possible she was actually a boy.

Once again, another great SXSW day!

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Wow!! I love all of your SXSW posts. They are fantastic!