Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sick again??

Yes!!! I never fully recovered from a few weeks ago when I had strep and a virus and today it got worse and I had to still go to work! Yay! My flu test came out negative but I sure feel like I have the flu! Come on guys give it up for fever! Chills! Stuffy nose! Congestion! Aches in my entire body! Coughing! Sneezing! Zits from blowing my nose! Headaches! And one of my favorites, wheezing in my chest! Yay! I am going crazy and miss...my sense of taste-cannot wait to taste food again! Why am I still hungry despite not being able to fully taste food? My sense of hearing-can't wait to not constantly ask, "What did you say?" Breathing! Sleep! Not blowing my nose! We're going on almost a whole month of being sick! Man it's times like this that I wish my mom lived in the same town and/or I had a mate to take care of me. Yay! Independence rules!
CVS and Dr. Turner-my life savings have been spent all on you the past few weeks! You're welcome!
P.P.S. Can you get high off of Puffs plus with Vick's lotion?
Love but no hugs or kisses because I don't want you to get sick,


Susan said...

Sorry you're so sick again! I just hope you don't still sound like you're crying all the time...although, it still makes me laugh just thinking about it!

jessica said...

No I just sound real nasally which is always sexy. The past few days I sounded like a pug dog. If I talk long enough then my voice does go out-but no where as bad as a few weeks ago when by the way I was also diagnosed with laryngitis. Cool huh!