Saturday, February 9, 2008

Help! I'm Trapped in my Den of Sick!

So let me catch you up. Day after day I continued to feel worse, fever was 102 and I realized I had an earache. Haven't had one since a child. Not fun.

Eardrum ruptures and for two days blood and pus comes out of my ear. Nice! At this point I figured the Z Pac I started would clear all that up until I called Maggie. She convinced me to call the doc AGAIN and sure enough I needed more antibiotics-eardrops this time. As I read the directions, "Have someone help put drops in if possible," I once again think how nice a "sick buddy" or boyfriend might be in this situation. Anywho, earache+pus+blood+trying to put ear drops in an already full ear=not much fun.

I did feel better last night and dragged myself out of the house to my friend Tobi's house to play Rock Band. I scored 100% singing my first song of the night, The Pixie's "Wave of Mutilation." Head congestion and all! Woo-I rock! I did not have a voice by the end of the night.

Today-actually ran some errands for a while until I retreated back into my Den of Sick with an excrutiating sinus headache and pain in my ear. Den of Sick does crack me up though. It consists of:
multi-symptom cold pills
saline nasal spray
ear drops
naproxen sodium
Z Pack (antibiotics)

So glad no one ever comes over.


Susan said...

Jessica - this just keeps getting worse! What has happened to your immune system? It's like you're a seems like you've been sick more than Anna and Georgia combined!

Kate said...

what the? you ruptured your eardrum?! you poor thing. call anytime you're looking for human contact outside of the den of sick.