Monday, February 18, 2008

My Famous Cousin

So I think I've bragged to all of you about my "famous" Brazilian cousin, Malvino Salvador. He's an actor in Brazil and from what I gather, pretty popular. Actually our mothers are cousins so technically he's my third cousin I guess. His family is who we stayed with anytime we visited Manaus so somewhere I have pictures of us as kids. One of my first cousins just sent me some pictures of my "famous" cousin and his family so I thought I'd post a picture of my mom with her cousin-They're Hot!
Pictured are my mom's cousin, Malvino, his sister Janene, and their dad. In the bottom photo, my mom's cousin, a family friend, and my mama.


Susan said...

I believe that technically he is your 2nd cousin, once removed. My family has the discussion about cousins all the time and I think that's right for this one!

jessica said...

What does "once removed" mean? He's my mother's 1st cousin's is my mom's cousin my second cousin?

Susan said...

I'm thinking about it more and think I got it wrong.

He's your second cousin, because you're the same level in the share a great-grandparent.

Third cousins would be your kids vs. his kids....they're 3 generations down...they share a great-great-grandparent.

"Removed" means how many generations apart you are. If HE has a kid, that kid is your 2nd cousin, once removed. (b/c HE's your 2nd cousin and his kid is one generation removed from your generation).

Likewise, his mom is your 1st cousin, once removed.

jessica said...

Wow, Susan, thanks! I had no idea about any of that!