Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reason #426 Why I Love Austin

Although I've lived in Austin for almost seven years now (WOW), I still have two kinds of moments: 1. Holy crap I live in Texas moments and 2. This is why I love living in Austin so much moments. Add this experience to why I love living in Austin so much...

I had a meeting with other afterschool professionals last week and it was hosted at the Austin Film Studios. Their director of education is in our group. I had never been there before and was very excited about taking a tour after the meeting. It's actually the old Austin airport converted into a film studio.

First we saw the screening room where directors go at the end of the day and watch their work. Our tour guide told us that Robert Rodriguez and Quinton Tarantino spent a lot of time in there while making Grindhouse. Next we saw where the "White House" stood in Idiocracy, a funny Mike Judge film starring Luke Wilson. Finally we walked to one of the stages, actually an old airplane hanger. Outside in the parking lot we saw all of the actors' trailers. We were informed that there were two major motion pictures being made right now. I wonder who could have been in those trailers? One of the films is called "Will," I think. Anyway, the stage we saw had some prop cars which were pretty cool and a huge green screen. Right outside of the stage, where we were standing, is where Sandra Bullock falls down after her makeover in Miss Congeniality.

Not a bad place for an afterschool meeting.

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