Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kindly Rewind (or Reason #123 Why I Love Austin)

The Alamo Drafthouse Theaters are reason enough to move to Austin, seriously. I know other cities have theaters with similar concepts, eat and drink while you watch a movie, but I think the Alamo takes the cake. The food is yummy plus they always have fun events going on. I recently attended the Justin Timberlake Birthday Sing-Along at the Alamo. Just this weekend Will Ferrel was at the Alamo screening his new movie and everyone in the audience had to wear 80's style basketball uniforms. Saturday night I'm going to "Master Pancake Theater." It's the same concept as Mystery Science Theater. They are showing "Back to the Future" while comedians make fun of the movie.

The Alamo also has some fun filmmaking contests. I went to one of the contest screenings last year based around "Snakes on a Plane." Contestants were given an animal, a mode of transportation, and a short amount of time to create a short film such as "Pandas on a Vespa," or "Monkeys on a Segway."

Last night my new friend Madelyn and I met up with some other friends and went to a screening for their newest contest, "Rewind Kindly" based on Jack Black's new movie, "Be Kind Rewind." Our friend Camron was on one of the filmmaking teams. Basically teams chose an existing movie and made a short remake of it. Some were so so and some were just hilarious-like "Taxi Driver," "Top Gun," and "The Karate Kid." You can watch them online here...

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