Thursday, February 21, 2008

Laughing keeps me least I like to think so

For those of you who knew me as a highschooler and college student, you probably remember my slight obsession with MST3K, or Mystery Science Theater 3000. Not to mention my crush on creator Joel Hodgson I was a member of the fan club and wore my MST3K t-shirt and striped socks for every important test. My old friend Joe and I would get together in college for MST3K marathons. And Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house used to involve football downstairs and MST3K Turkey-thons upstairs.

I recently was informed that Joel and the old crew have a new project called Cinematic Titanic. Looks like a revival of MST3K, but with more current jokes. Sadly it's not a TV show like MST3K was, but on DVD to purchase. I bought their first (and so far only DVD for sale) called "The Oozing Skull" as a Valentine's gift to myself. I was so giddy when I found it in my mailbox yesterday. Looking forward to getting my favorite Vietnamese take-out from Sunflower and watching "The Oozing Skull!"


Tobes said...

I could totally go for Sunflower tonight. Yum!

jessica said...

I just finished a shopping list for Target as an excuse to be by Sunflower. And it looks like Sunflower will accompany the debate first and then my new DVD.