Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trivia Losers Update

I got more information from the bar manager about the team we beat last night...

"As the guy who is at "blank" Pub Quiz EVERY week, I should point out the following (after saying THANKS to y'all for being there weekly--it's very cool to have you along): There were 35 teams last night, 10 more than a typically busy Wednesday, so the odds of winning anything were reduced. A tie for first place was truly impressive. The team you tied with, named "John Edwards Begins his New Campaign for VP" includes 3 regular players who excel at trivia. Lest you feel sad that it took 23 of you to tie (and ultimately WIN) you should also know that one of the three team members was Ed T, who, until Ken Jennings came along and ruined it, was the number 2 prize winner of all time on Jeopardy, AND who also won $1.86 million on Regis' Who Wants To Be a Millionaire (apparently, Ed did.)

Wow! Cool! By the way, there weren't really 23 of us playing. Lots of folks stopped by to say hello, but the actual people playing did not total 23.

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