Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Winning is Fun

I never realized how much I like to win (anything) until tonight. I've been playing trivia at a bar on 6th Street with some friends every Wednesday night. We tend to always have one of the largest and most enthusiastic teams. The first night we played we won first place for the first half and then third overall. Exciting start. The next few weeks were fun, but no winnings. Tonight we had the largest team yet which obviously helps, despite having to share the $100 gift certificate with the rest of the team. We are beginning to be so well known at this trivia night that another team's name mocked our team. I take that as a compliment. Tonight our enthusiasm, large number of teammates, and pure skills caused us to tie with another team. (By the way it was a FULL house tonight so lots of competition.) Let me just tell you that one member of the team we tied with is the #4 All Time Jeopardy winner! Crazy! It came down to a tie breaker which ended up being much easier than we thought it would be. Question 1. Name the Spice Girl's nicknames in alphabetical order in 60 seconds or less. Cake. We tied again. Question 2. Name all of Scooby Doo's human friends. The other team could not get it, but we did-easy! We win! $100 prize, high fives all around, and evil glares-I love winning! Pictured is about 1/3 of our team-the peeps I've been hanging out with the most lately.

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