Thursday, January 31, 2008

Great Piss Flood of 2008

I was very focused on work today as I have Friday off and had lots to finish before the end of the day. As I was typing and scratching my foot with my other shoe, I noticed my shoe was wet. What the? I look down and I am working in at least two inches of water...from an overflowing toilet! I just recently moved into this office and spent so much time organizing my three huge bookshelves. I had to take down all of the books and move the bookshelves so we could vaccum up all of the water. Ugh. I now get to return to work and arrange my books all over again-not to mention I'm already behind from missing a week of work because I was sick. The picture is me in my flooded office-you can see the reflection of the curtains in the water!

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