Thursday, October 4, 2007


You know how it seems like girls go through some sort of physical makeover post breakup? I didn't really do that-dropped a few pounds and bought some new clothes, but not a totally obvious change. I'm getting my haircut tonight and I think it might be that breakup haircut 6 months late and I'm toying with the idea of bangs. It worked for me as a child...

This is a BIG step for me. Haircuts are few and far between for me because I'm true to my boy Ray in Columbia, MO. Been going to him for about 8 years (even after moving to Texas 6 years ago!) He just cut my hair at the end of August when I was home for my grandmother's memorial service. Ray came in at 8 AM just for me! He is not a morning person so as silly as it sounds that meant a lot to me. He did a good job, but I'm kind of feeling the need for a change and don't want to wait until I go home again at Christmas. I kind of feel like I'm cheating on Ray but I think he'll understand.

Found the place I'm going to tonight via It's called Vain and here's what attracted me to them:
  • they are on the eastside which is funky and cute and don't have to deal with downtown parking. I'd live on the eastside if I could.
  • supposedly they begin with a consultation based on face shape, hair texture, stature, your personality, profession, etc. to determine what direction to go. I've been wanting an expert to tell me what I should do!
  • They have pictures of all of their stylists plus pictures of each stylists' work. They all look fun, creative, and good at what they do.
  • professional looking website-means a lot to me for some reason. Amature looking websites are a huge turn off to me.

Anyway, a blog about my hair-weird and do you really care? Much has happened in my life this past year and I believe I have grown and changed for the best on the inside. This must be that change wanting to come out on the outside. Tomorrow I might be writing regretting this whole thing-we'll see...

To be contd.


Susan said...

Did you get the bangs? Post pics!

Kate said...

do I really care about your hair? PLEASE! I do, I do!