Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Page Me Yo

I miss pagers and I think I'm going to bring them back. When my pink phone dies I'm switching over to a pager like I had circa 1997/98 for work. So if you all want to talk to me you can just page me and then I'll find someone that has a landline because I sure don't have one and honestly I don't know anyone that does, so I probably won't be able to return your call until the next business day from work unless you're calling me from out of town and I'd probably get in trouble for that unless you have an 800 number. I'll also start learning the special secret pager codes like they use in the book I'm reading, Random Family, about Hispanic gangsters. They punch in certain numbers to mean certain things like I love you, or Meet me on the corner, or Can I buy a dime bag from you? I'll pass on the codes to you guys too. And in the words of my mom when we were in the hospital for my last surgery-"Be sure to put your phone (or pager) on vibrator."

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