Friday, October 5, 2007

Got Bangs

I did it. I got bangs. And I'm somewhat regretful but not horribly upset-I know my hair will grow again. I lost a lot of hair-a few inches of length and it has been layered and thinned out A LOT! What I'm most upset about is how much the ends of my hair has been thinned out-feels kind of scraggly. Also the layers aren't exactly blended in. I've gotten compliments, but I think it's obligatory because it's a pretty noticible change. Despite my complaints, I did like the girl who cut my hair-Esther. She was cool, nice and 30 :) She seemed to spend a lot of time on it and gave me pointers. I will give her another chance but now I know to let her know not to thin out the ends so much-leave some of the weight in there so I don't look like a 4 year old girl, and to blend in the layers. I think the cut would look better on a Japanese girl-it's kind of that style, except for the ends. The bangs I can sort of push aside and I'll be able to live with them, but it definately makes for bad morning hair. No washing it the night before ever. I'll send a pic to you Susan once I get one with the new do.

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