Monday, June 4, 2007


I fell in love last night with a waiter at the Belmont and he had a mustache. It was a Brandon Flowers of the Killers kind of mustache. Strange to me how that's trendy right now, but it worked on him none the less.

My dad has always had a mustache. I remember there was only one time that he shaved it off and my mom and I were pissed. I guess since my dad always had a mustache I associated NOT having a mustache with bad guys or creepy guys. Weird, I know.

I was so weirded out by my first dentist, a childs' dentist mind you, because #1 he did not have a a mustache, and #2 he wore a gold chain. His shirt had to be buttoned down just far enough to bare his chest for me to know he wore a gold chain. CREEPY. Creepy despite having a big teddy bear in the room-okay that is creep, creepy despite having flavored toothpaste, and creepy despite being able to choose a prize out of the treasure chest. My mom switched me to a new dentist after this particular one wanted to pull 5 of my baby teeth.

I was also always creeped out by such actors as Dudley Moore and Michael Caine. Sure they both have British accents, but more importantly, they both did not have mustaches! I really couldn't watch these men without getting angry at them for a long time. I still don't think I'd be able to sit through any of the Arthur movies without cringing. I was much more comfortable with Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds.

Thanks Dad and thank you Belmont waiter...I love you.


Susan said...

It's funny, if you had asked me if your dad had a mustache, I would have said no. I can't picture it. I've always thought mustaches were kind of creepy, but I guess your dad never creeped me out!

I just got an email from your brother- that's hilarious! Isn't that like competition against your dad?

jessica said...

Susan-my dad had just a mustache for years but it has since evolved into a more acceptable mustache/goat-t thing.
Yes, I think my brother is trying to totally rule my dad.