Friday, June 1, 2007

G 74

Firsts are a big deal throughout childhood-first birthday, first bicycle, first day at school, and so forth. I still get a huge kick out of firsts, even if they're small.

I played Bingo at an actual Bingo hall for the first time this week. Don't ask me why, but this is something I always wanted to do. I went with some girls from the Young Adult group from the church I've been going to. They all seem to be very nice and friendly. It's nice to meet new people who are up for trying out new things and having fun. I also realized what a small world it is because three of us have a connection to Columbia, MO. That always excites me. The leader of the Young Adult group just returned from Columbia because that is where her inlaws live. Another girl in the group is connected to Columbia because that is where her sister in law is from. It's always nice to talk to people familiar with your home town.

Okay, back to Bingo. I pulled into the parking lot and was greeted by a giant pink gorilla. A pretty smart landmark if you ask me because you can't miss the thing. I entered through what was supposed to be the non-smoking entrance, but saw people smoking and it smelled disgusting. How did I go through my early childhood years in a house where two parents smoked? Anyway, I found the real non-smoking entrance and got in line for the cards.

I finally figured out the whole card buying system and bought 12. I don't think I could manage many more than 12 cards at a time. I also purchased my very own bingo blotter in orange. To complete my first bingo experience, I bought some sloppy and nasty nachos saturated in cheese and chili. Mmmm. So I sat down and got a lesson in bingo as well as some bingo etiquette (from the lady who got mad at us for saving seats-she said, "you need to put a blotter down at each spot you're saving!). Who new that it's not just about getting 5 in a row? Each round is different-try to make an X, get four corners plus two lines, make a "postage stamp." Yeah, I had no idea. It does make it kind of fun though. Also, first you see the number on a monitor and then the caller actually calls the number. If you get a Bingo you cannot call "Bingo!" until the caller calls out the number. I'm glad I got to go with people who had played before because I don't think I could have figured all of this out on my own. I'd hate to be the person with poor bingo etiquette.

Now I have my own bingo blotter so I'm going to have to go back. As silly as it may sound, I am grateful for experiences like these. I'm excited about trying something new and about the potential for some new friendships. Cheers to firsts.

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