Monday, May 28, 2007

Yeah, Eddy Money is OK

I've been writing about childhood memories in this blog, but I wanted to write about my weekend. My friend Kate and her husband Joe visited from Chicago. Kate has been a friend since Jr. High, so this blog entry should count. We've shared many fun memories from Jr. High, High School and beyond like golf team, interesting parties, trips to Chicago, trips to Austin, Kate and Joe's wedding in Mexico, and more.

Kate and Joe lived in Austin for 1 year, but moved right before I arrived. I have them to thank for encouraging me to move down here. Random people had always told me I would like Austin and should check it out, but never did until Kate and Joe were down here. Since then, they have visited a few times and every time has been fun because they always make me feel like I am the guest. It's awesome. Same thing with this visit-I felt like Kate and Joe were playing host to me-like a vacation in my own town.

We began at Chuy's so Kate could get her queso fix. Chuy's was one of the first restaraunts I went to with them when they still lived here. After stuffing ourselves I conquered my fear of PT Cruisers by getting into their rental car and driving to the Austin Motel so they could check in. I had always been curious about the motel. Great location and interesting rooms-decorated in a delightfully tacky way.

Next we walked around South Congress, stepping into Parts & Labour so I could show off my cards. (Card update-all kewpies have been sold and two squirrel cards are left-look for more cards soon!) We then moved our walking to the Town Lake/Zilker trail. There is still so much of that trail I'm not familiar with and look forward to checking it out further.
After some rest it was time for dinner at Hyde Park Grill then hung out and watched Saturday Night Live.

Day 2-After church I met up with Kate and Joe at Green Mesquite-one of my personal favorites. They already had an action packed morning but were still game for more. We checked out some more of South Congress where Kate bought a headband to wear in the hospital when she has her baby. The headband is cute and is also a nod to Maggie who wore a cute headband in the hospital after baby Anna was born. By the way, Kate looks super cute pregnant. Next up, a new experience for me-Deep Eddy pool. It was cool, right by the river and the trail, but it ended up raining shortly after we got there. So Kate and I dropped off Joe and she got a pedicure. For dinner we went to Guero's (another restaraunt that I went to on my very first Austin trip)-if you haven't had there queso smothered tamales you are missing out. Kate and Joe educated me on the book, The Omnivore's Diet-okay, that might not be the exact title. (By the way K&J, I went to the grocery store today and I did not buy free range eggs, so maybe you should send me that article.) Next was Doc's for Joe's Shiner on tap fix (I still can't believe Chigaco is just now getting Shiner Bock) and then Amy's ice cream.

It was a wonderful weekend. Thank you Kate and Joe! I had a great time and you showed me that even though I've been in Austin for almost 6 years now, there's still so much more to explore. Kewpie Girls-Kate and I decided that Girls' Weekend 08 is going to be in Austin-we've already started on the agenda!

P.S. The title comes from a conversation Kate and I had in high school or college, not exactly sure, but I remember it was summer and we were driving around Columbia. Kate said to me, "It's been a pretty good summer." I heard her say something else and responded with "Yeah, Eddy Money is Okay I guess."


Susan said...

We still don't have Shiner in NYC. I was at a place a couple of weeks ago and our server was boasting that they had 300 beers and pretty much anything we would ask for. I was like "Shiner?" and he said no, of course. Supposedly Maryland is as far North as it's gotten on the East Coast.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the headband! - Maggie