Saturday, May 26, 2007

Red Skirt Confession

Is theft common among children? I don't know. I wonder because I was not the kind of child that I would imagine would steal, but I did, once. I'm only going to use first names here, so if this is about you and you happen to read this, I am very sorry.

I was not into Barbie as a child, but was always interested in clothes and fashion-weird, I know. I had Barbies, but never really played with them like some girls did, I mainly focused on dressing them, designing new creations for Barbie out of a bandana, and setting up her living environment (I was always interested in furniture and interior design too).

My childhood friend, Shana, had some great Barbie accessories and clothes. In particular, a long silky red skirt with a slit up the side. I'm pretty sure there was a top that matched, but I was so in love with that skirt. One day while playing at Shana's house, she left the room and I hid the skirt and took it home. I really can't believe I did that, but I did. Shana, I am sorry.

Karma played a hand though I think. I have a permanent reminder on my shin of playing at Shana's. I had spent the night. As I got up and knelt on my Tom and Jerry sleeping bag, a pencil stabbed me right in the shin. I stood up and the pencil was sticking out of my leg. I had to pull it out. To this day I still have a round dot of pencil lead under my skin on my shin. It looks like the start of a do it yourself tattoo.

Also, I ended up having something stolen from me-my Strawberry Shortcake stocking cap in the second grade. Kristen (again I won't use last names here, but this was while I was still at West Boulevard Elementary for those of you trying to figure out who it was) stole it. I know this because she wore it to school the very next day. I told the teacher I suspected the hat was mine. When confronted, Kristen claimed she just "found it" in the cloak room. I ended up getting it back, but man, what a feeling of distrust for Kristen and the rest of the world did I gain after that incident.

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Susan said...

Shana and I have been trying to get together...I'm telling on you.

I wasn't into Barbie's either, but I could play with Jennifer Horrell's barbie swimming pool for hours.