Friday, November 1, 2013

True Love-Halloween Edition

So my Halloween costume didn't quite go as planned but I think it ended up being a happy problem. 

I originally was going to be Mary Poppins. Bobby and I rewatched the movie and everything!  Okay, apparently my attention span as a child was MUCH better than it is now because it's a TWO HOUR and 20 minute long movie!  Do you know how much those words scare me?  I did not manage to sit and watch without multitasking. Anyway, in procrastination fashion, I tried on my costume at 10:00 PM the night before Halloween. I'm giving myself a break here between being out of town, editing a Mortified piece more than I knew possible for this weekend's shows, going to rehearsals, and usual cray cray at work-my costume got put on the back burner. It ended up looking way too frumpy for the almost perfect Mary Poppins. Even Bobby admitted it didn't work. I scoured my closet and came up with a striped shirt, construction paper, and a leather hat from an old costume and I settled for going as a Beatnik because my boss calls me "beatnik" all the time. Pretty sure he does not know what it means so I'd show him.  I made a mustache and goatee out of the paper. I drove to work in the costume and made some commuters laugh. I freaked myself out by how much I looked like my dad. Arrive to work, I tell the preschoolers I'm an "artist" and guess what?! My boss wasn't even there!  A coworker told me I reminded her of Gallagher so I lost the goatee and transformed into him but wished I had a sledge hammer and watermelon. I party hopped from classroom to classroom and found a sea captain's hat and ta da, costume number three!  

It must have been fate because little did I know while all this was happening, Bobby was hard at work making a shark costume out of his hoodie, tshirt, paper, buttons, cardboard, duct tape, and a belt. 

I got home from work with Choji greeting me at the door as a Packers cheerleader and my love as a shark. That is my kind of romance-handing out Halloween candy as a ship captain with my husband , the shark. 


Maggie said...

Now that's awesome.

Susan said...

Totally awesome. Super impressed with Bobby's shark!

Kate said...

So impressed with Bobby right now.