Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween Eve

Fall and Halloween are my favorite. It makes me miss the Midwest and its seasons, autumn leaves, crisp air, and worrying if you'll be able to wear your costume without a coat over it. 

Bobby and I were lucky enough to go to Columbia a couple of weeks ago (maybe photos of that later?) and experience a week of autumn. 

Now we're back in 80 something degree weather and I wish I would have bought pumpkins and mums for our front yard this year because then maybe it would feel more like fall in Austin.  I did, however pick up some reasonably priced white pumpkins at Trader Joe's for the fireplace and put out a couple of Halloween decorations. I need to start collecting more!

Anywho, I've also been reflecting on some of my costumes as an adult and I have to brag, not so shabby: Little Miss Sunshine, Casual Friday as an excuse to wear jeans to work, a Lego, Pinocchio, and this year....if it works out I'll reveal tomorrow. It's not my best work but I still find joy in trying to come up with a costume. 

So Happy Halloween Eve to you all. May all the children out there dream sweet trick or treating dreams, and may all the grown ups out there still find some joy in Halloween or the season. 

P.S.  I feel like this year the holiday season is being pushed on all of us even earlier than normal. Grr. Pumpkins and candy corn just a little bit longer please. 

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Kelly said...

(a) Can't wait to see your costume tomorrow!
(b) LOVE the white pumpkins! They look great
(c) COMPLETELY agree with you on the holidays getting here earlier and earlier. We walked into the grocery store the other day and they had just put up their Christmas stuff. Evelyn said, "Christmas?! We haven't even trick-or-treated yet!" My thoughts exactly, sweetheart.