Thursday, September 5, 2013

Staycation thanks to my brother

My brother and his girlfriend, Lauren, visited Labor Day weekend from Kansas City. Daniel's been to Austin on multiple occasions but this was Lauren's first time so it was a good excuse to be a tourist in my own town. 

We stopped for them to say hi to Choji and to see our new house. We have a guest room, well two really, so come one and come all!  
We drove up to Round Rock to get some of their famous glazed donuts which really served as a bribe to help me move furniture at work since part of my job now is making sure our floors get waxed!
After a siesta we headed to South Congress for drinks at Hotel San Jose. I love their little patio and I wanted a michelada fix. I hope to one day stay there. Hint, hint husband. Next we had dinner at Guero's and then finished off the glutinous evening with ice cream at our favorite ice cream spot, Lick. They have a seasonal menu and all ingredients are local. My current fave is coconut avocado curd. Bobby always gets salt lick caramel, and Lauren got one of their most popular flavors, goat cheese, thyme, and honey. (Susan, what do you say? Wanna go to lick?) 

The rest of our eating adventures coming soon ...

Love the Hotel San Jose pool 


Maggie and Mike said...


Kate said...

oooh, I'd love to stay at the San Jose someday, too. Although, Chez Leath sounds quite inviting as well.

Susan said...

I think Kate & Joe should drop the kids off at Chez Leath and go spend a night at Hotel San Jose :)

Ummmm....I want to do ALL these things. AND go hiking like you posted pics of somewhere else.

Kate said...

I like the way you think, Susan. : )