Saturday, September 21, 2013

Labor Day 2013

Monday of my brother's visit made me so happy to have the freedom of not working on a Monday. Daniel, his girlfriend Lauren, and I started the morning with a nice visit to Mayfield Park, watched the peacocks and the baby chicks, explored a couple of the short trails and then headed to Mt. Bonnel. The hills and the water remind me about one of the things I love about Austin. After working up a sweat and burning thighs from climbing so many stairs called for a nice lunch at The Steeping Room.  Love, love, love that place and I don't know a lick about tea. There are soooo many tea options. I had no idea. Next time I go I'd like to do the tea service. It was time for a siesta and then Bobby grilled burgers and dogs for dinner before catching the bat cruise on Ladybird Lake. A trip to Waterloo Records and then a snack and dessert bite at Copper/Austin Cake Ball finished off the daily eating adventure. We ended up crashing in front of the TV watching the Roast of James Franco. One of the best Mondays I've had in a while. 

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Kate said...

hee hee - in those pictures where Bobby is wearing a white shirt, your brother's head looks like his conscience. not sure whether he's playing the role of angel or devil here. ; )

glad you had a great day!