Monday, November 26, 2012

Simple Advent Calendar: Jordan Ferney Did This One In Her Sleep It's So "Easy"

You guys are all going to make these this year for your kids or loved ones, right?  I mean, Jordan Ferney says they  are "super easy!"

All  you have to do is:
  • make a million little tedious boxes
  • carefully spray paint all of them
  • wait for them to dry
  • learn calligraphy 
  • write a pretty number on each box
  • tie EACH one with ribbon
  • shit, go back and fill each tiny spray painted box with tiny prizes
  • re-tie each one with ribbon
  • hang on tree
  • presto, magic, super easy Christmas!


Ann said...

I made two they were so easy.

Maggie said...

I don't know... I did this last year but I made them out of handspun sugar and then placed them on a tree I had grown in the back yard. So maybe ill try something different.

Kate said...

is that written in chalk? b/c then you'll have to add another step: re-numbering them all after your children accidentally wipe off all the numbers.

Ann said...

I've removed my children's hands so they can't touch anything. Makes life so much nicer. You ought to try that, Kate.

jessica said...

"Handspun sugar." Typical Maggie.