Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday cooking and baking: I want to learn

I'm getting ready to tackle this year's Thanksgiving dinner for two but looking forward to going home for Christmas for the first time in years!  Everything I make for T-giving comes from my mom which came from Nanny (my grandmother), which came from Dodo (my great-grandmother).  It's time I learn to make more of my mom's specialties so this year at Christmas we're going to be doing a lot of cooking and baking so I can learn to perfect the following:

Family Thanksgiving/Christmas dressing
Brazilian cookies
pound cake
cheese bread

All the Thanksgiving necessities:  stock for my gravy and turkey soup; turkey; leftover pizza from our company the night before; the finest in beer selections; and leftover pho.      


Kate said...

I'm on a quest for pho. I've never had any. Have a line on some good places to try in Chicago. So I will remedy this situation soon.

Apologies that this comment had little to do with your post. Good luck cooking!

jessica said...

Great winter or sick food! It took me a while to find pho I loved. I always get it with shrimp and add sirachi sauce!