Thursday, October 4, 2012

Adios Apartment

Tomorrow we close on our new home.  I can easily get nostalgic about things like the 90's, dorm life, vacations, our wedding, and now I guess add our apartment to the list...

  • The first place that belonged to us, not his place, not him moving into my place, but ours.
  • The place where we have lots of memories of Kwyjibo's later years...her laying under the table, staring into my eyes, and the time she swallowed a pup-sicle whole, rolled over to her side because she was choking and Bobby had to pull it out of her throat.  The place we spent our last evening together with her.
  • The spot where Bobby proposed to me.
  • Where we spent our first Christmas with Choji.
  • Where we took some of our engagement photos.
  • Where we spent our first night as a married couple.
  • The place that had the neighbor upstairs who had a thing for Bobby and who we tried to avoid as much as possible.
  • Where we decided to say "screw it, let's go where we really want to go for our honeymoon," and booked our trip to Japan.
  • Where Bobby secretly made and surprised me with a midnight birthday cake.
  • Where we daydreamed about having a yard and made the decision to buy our new house.
In the end I guess it's the memories I'll be nostalgic over, not the apartment.

Cheers to new memories in our first house.
The spot where Bobby proposed now with empty walls, a pile of pillows, and boxes.

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