Sunday, September 30, 2012

Maybe the last weekend in our apartment?

You know how I "love" uncertainty!!!  We are closing on our house on Friday...or maybe Monday...or maybe Tuesday.  Let's all just say a prayer for Friday so we actually have a weekend to move and make it out of our apartment on time. 

Meanwhile we are packing and purging...and going to weddings and playing cards with friends and watching Bridesmaids for the 1000th time and trying out that Pinterest shoe stretching trick and finishing up Mortified rough drafts and picking out paint colors and going to an improv show to support one of my former employees.  (So proud of her.  I like to give myself credit for helping her into the improv world).  You know how connected I am ;)

Me and my lovely coworkers at a "work family" wedding

Me and more lovely ladies who I spend many many hours with on a daily basis

Bobby sends me texts with photos like this one that say, "Come home, Mama" anytime I have to work late.

Saturday night at Cody and Madelyn's for a fun night of pizza eating, football watching, and card playing.  Rocky & Sugar just keep getting bigger and bigger!

Two sweethearts:  Rocky and Bobby at Cody and Madelyn's

Me and another gorgeous coworker who without heels is 5'11...and on this night wearing some tall ass heels.  I seem to always get requests to take photos with statuesque people.  I don't mind being a novelty.

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