Saturday, September 8, 2012

Such a Wonderful Saturday

I'm in such a better mood when it's not 100 degrees outside!  It's been such a nice day.  Haircut this morning.  I always leave my stylist learning something new-new movie to check out, a yummy drink to try, and today the name of a guy who makes the most lovely metal planters that Bobby and I have fallen in love with...actually Bobby found them first! 

We have a month until closing on a house and we've been daydreaming like crazy about the work we want to do inside and out hence the trip to Lowe's to price agave plants.  Nerds.

Oh, I've been hesitant to say much about the house because it's been a super stressful situation and I still want to be prepared for something going wrong.  Not that I know where we'd be living if anything fell through since our lease will be up, but you know, I'm bad about allowing myself to get too excited about anything...the Debbie Downer in me.

Later we met up with friends at a cute theater downtown, Violet Crown, and saw Mike Birbiglia's "Sleepwalk With Me.".  Go see it!  I've loved him for a while but never seen him live (like Susan's been so lucky to do), so I went ahead and also bought tickets for us to see him at the Paramount in January. 

Afterwards we strolled around 2nd Street and daydreamed some more at Design Within Reach.

Now I'm trying to settle in with a soy latte for some journal reading before Mizzou takes on Georgia. (So weird.) I'm working on producing two pieces for Mortified shows next month.  I've never produced two at a time and I'm kind of nervous about it especially with packing and moving right around the corner.  Oh and did I mention I have an extra full time job now that one of my employees decided to walk off the job at our busiest time of year?  Yeah, awesome!

But exciting times ahead and just savoring this weekend downtime. 


Maggie said...

Holy moly! A house? That's awesome!!

katandkarl said...

1. Sleepwalk w/ me is #1 on my must-see movie list!!

2. I sense future adorable house decor posts and pinterest boards!! Yes.

3. Welcome to the SEC. Get ready to get serious about football (ew).