Sunday, September 16, 2012

I see a white wall and I want to paint it black...and the Sunday procrastination game begins

Sunday blues happening over here.  It's raining, which is fantastic, but it just sucks out my energy and makes me procrastinate even more than usual.  I'll get to that Mortified piece, laundry, cleaning, and everything else done after this very important blog post about my obsession with black and dark grey walls.

We are moving in three weeks.  HOLY shit we are moving in THREE weeks!   Soon all this "pinning" and planning of home projects and decor is going to be actual doing!  I'm slightly concerned about practicing self-restraint when it comes to choosing paint colors.  I am waaaayyy obsessed with dark grey and black walls and if I'm not careful our entire house will be painted black.


Kate said...

oh, be careful! I am sensitive about this, because our place gets such crappy, crappy light that if I painted too dark, it would soon feel like we were living in a cave, especially in winter when the daylight hours are so short. so don't paint yourself into depression! live in Austin where it is always hot and sunny, and I seriously hope your place gets better light than ours!

I'd love some light gray walls.
If I were in a different house, I think I'd love a navy blue somewhat formal dining room.


jessica said...

One of the things I love about our new house IS the amount of light it gets. I need it! It's one major thing that keeps me from wanting to move back to Missouri-those long grey winters. Right now I think our dining room will be dark grey and we're thinking about a dark navy for the bedroom because there are two windows and a big sliding glass door in the room letting in possibly too much light.