Friday, March 23, 2012

A Sneak Peak of Friday in Tokyo

some early blooms at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden  
We survived our 23 hour travel day!

 Recap of Friday in Tokyo.  I'll post more photos later.
People watching, soy latte drinking and breakfast eating at Starbucks near our hotel in Shinjuku.  They treat milk allergies seriously so they give you a card that says soy on it to trade off with the barista.  I also bought some delicious Sakura (Cherry Blosssom) Macarons.

We were up before anything was open so we just walked and explored all the side streets of Shinjuku.

We eventually made our way to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. It's similar to Central Park in that it is so peaceful and beautiful in the middle of a huge and busy city.  It was the most beautiful park I had ever seen.  We were lucky in that a few of the cherry blossom trees have already bloomed.

Later we split up-lady shopping at H&M and boy shopping at the record store.  

We finished the afternoon with lunch at a giant mall type thing called Takashimaya Times Square.  My friend Amy gave me come chopstick helper thing and they came in handy!  We explored a department store called Tokyo Hands that literally sells everything.  

By this point our feet were pounding and the rain got worse so we went back to our tiny hotel for a nap.  The nap turned into really just going to bed for the night.  

It is amazing here and several times I just had to stop and take it all in because I can't believe we are here on our honeymoon!

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