Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday started the weekend off with happy hour with Tobi, Angela, and Baconator-sadly, no pictures, but I promise it was sunny and fun. Saturday afternoon I took an hour-long walk/run before going to the Board Game Throw Down at Dominican Joe's-my friend Don, on my right, is part owner. I'm trying my darndest to stop laughing in this picture while we played Catch Phrase. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. I contributed to the games by bringing my New Kids on the Block Board Game. Photo stolen from Sheshoo

After Game Day we headed downtown for free pizza at Roppollo's Pizza. The owner is on Yelp and offered to make us some yummy free pizzas. I then went to the Alamo Drafthouse for the Morrisey Weep-Along. A Smith's cover band from L.A. called The Sweet and Tender Hooligans performed first-see above. The singer did a great job of impersonating Morrisey. By the way, I did not alter the photo, that's just how it turned out with the lighting. After the band we watched Smiths and Morrisey videos and had a sing-along.

Sunday was Wilco day Part 1! I went with Wilco fans Cody and Madelyn. Cody drove Jeff Tweedy around in his car when Wilco was in Salt Lake! Pictured are Madelyn and me throwing up our Wilco gang signs while waiting to get into Stubb's.

We were about 6 rows back thanks to Cody and Madelyn making a mad dash to the front! Here's Jeff Tweedy in his "pretty" green jacket. He buttoned it at one point and everyone cheered. He said, "That's the first time anyone has cheered for buttoning up my jacket. That's sad." You may not know it, but Jeff Tweedy is hilarious. If you ever have a chance to go to one of his solo shows he does a lot more talking and it's just as entertaining as his music. BTW-His hair did not start out this way at the beginning of the show.

Wilco Part II is tonight!


Swampy said...

i had the exact. same. weekend. word for word.

Cody said...

I am so jealous of you.... right now you're listening to that opening band... and then Wilco. I wish I could have been there!