Sunday, May 4, 2008

Big Brown Wins!

Me with my winning bet and Yelper Jarrett

Tobi, me, and Madelyn

me and Tobi enjoying some free beer

I got made fun of for bringing a snack

Jessica, me, Madelyn, Tobi, and Allison at Retama Park

I love theme parties and have been so excited about two of them in one month! The Yelp Derby Day Party and Tobi's going away Hampton's BBQ for Angela.

Yesterday was the Derby Party and I had so much fun. That free hat I got at SXSW at the Penguin sponsored party came in handy! I am clueless about horse racing and betting so I was excited about a brand new experience. The party started at Little Woodrow's down south. It was so fun watching all of the Yelpers arrive in their Derby fashion. We looked good although at times I felt like we were all dressed for church. Next we boarded a coach and were given a Yelp recyclable grocery bag with a Widmer bottle opener key chain and a Yelp fan. Free Widmer beer came around shortly there after. It had been a while since I'd traveled on a bus with friends and had so much fun playing games like the alphabet game and name a celebrity, movie, celebrity game.

We arrived at Retama Park and got a quick lesson from Justin on how to read the stats on each horse. I wasn't planning on betting, but so glad I did. I bet on the Churchill Downs Race #10 (the Kentucky Derby) on horse #20 (Big Brown-chose him for his good odds and his name closely resembling an Old 97's song) to "show" which means place in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. I bet a whopping $3! Low and behold Big Brown won 1st! I won $7.20 or really $4.20 if you deduct my $3 bet. Betting made watching the Derby so much more exciting. Yay for Big Brown and another first for me!
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Swampy said...

Yeah, I'll have to agree that making my $2 bet, as small as it was, made the race more exciting. And since we actually won it turned out to be AWESOME!