Monday, March 10, 2008

What would France think?

Depending on the route I take to and from work, it is possible that I drive by at least two Liberty Tax offices a day. Every year during tax season they have someone dressed up as the Statue of Liberty who stands by the street and waves to people. I always feel sorry for these people and I always wave back. Is this what France expected when they gave us the gift of the Statue of Liberty? A Hispanic woman and/or white mustached man standing in the rain in a cheap Lady Liberty costume that just barely ties in back, waving at cars "encouraging" them to stop at Liberty Tax? Come on, America.


Cody said...

Oh man.... I have tears down my face. Thanks AGAIN for making me laugh today.

Swampy said...

I bet they aren't happy about it. And I bet that visitors from France are really offended by it.