Monday, March 10, 2008

semisweet at home

semisweet cards has been busy at home making new cards to take to Parts & Labour tomorrow in hopes that they will take some! Every time I go I worry they'll say, "no thanks, not this time." I really want a decent amount in stock in time for SXSW-music portion begins Wednesday and there are already several celebrities in town (for a variety of reasons) including Elijah Wood, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie. One of the owners of Parts & Labour told me that Elijah Wood shops there every year during SXSW. Another friend spotted him Saturday and Sunday at a coffee shop in my neighborhood! Send some love semisweet's way and pray that these suckers sell!


Swampy said...

I'm sending all the good vibes your way.

jessica said...

Went to Parts & Labour today. It was busy with out of town (out of country) visitors for SXSW. They only took 15 cards to sell because they are so full right now. But hey, that's 15 cards for the musicians and celebrities visiting the ATX this week!