Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rock out with your caucus out

I voted in the Texas Primary this morning and am giddy like I was just asked out by a cute boy or got a promotion at work. I know you all didn't need any more proof that I am "weird," but there you go. It's just this proud feeling walking in to the polling site, declaring which party I want to vote in, and then BAM! vote in the primary.

For those who don't know, my grandmother, Nanny, was a die hard Democrat. She had a bumper sticker on her car that said, "I Miss Bill." She refused to loan out her Bill Clinton book to any of her Republican friends, wanting them to spend their own damn money on it. Although I don't do the best job of keeping up with politics, Nanny had a huge influence on me when it came to my right to vote. She always reminded me that women fought for me. For my right to vote. So when I walked out of the polling station this morning proudly displaying my "I Voted" sticker I looked down at Nanny's ring and smiled.

So for you non-Texans...yikes, did I just call myself a Texan...no, no, no...I'm Midwest all the way people...right? Anyway, I am a Texas resident and for you non-Texas residents you may not know about the "Texas Two-Step" process. So I voted in the primary today, but then return to my polling station tonight after the last voter votes and caucus for my candidate. You don't have to caucus, but they are really stressing it for the Democratic Party because the vote is so close. This will be an entirely new experience for me. Rumor has it that I might have to stand in line for quite some time...fingers crossed that I won't have to.

For those of you in Texas...don't forget to vote today!


Kate said...

good for you!
I remember turning 18 and going with my mom to register to vote that very day. I have always tried to remember that it's not too long ago that us women folk weren't allowed to vote and to therefore take advantage of it.
I haven't had a 100% record by any means, though.

Cody said...

Dude! I had the same feeling leaving the polling place. I felt so happy to be part of the process! I pushed the "Submit Ballot" button with authority!We'll be heading back tonight to be apart of the action...

Tobes said...

I didn't vote. I am ashamed. If you want to remove my phone number from your cell phone and take the link to my blog off your blog I will understand.

jessica said...

Tobi-I can't remove your number from my phone because then I might pick it up when you call not realizing that it's you.