Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Free Radio

One of my favorite new discoveries is VH1's new show, Free Radio. I describe it as an improvisational fake-reality TV show. Two of my favorite things...improv and reality TV so that's probably why I'm loving it. It basically is about an ignorant and idiotic radio DJ, Lance Krall. He interviews real celebrities which is where the improv comes in. I've been very impressed with how the guests like Keifer Sutherland and Tony Hawk respond to his moronic questions. I have great respect for improvisational comedy and some of my heroes are improv geniuses. Thank you Free Radio for filling the improv hole in my heart!

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Tobes said...

I saw the 30 second bumpers of this show and it does look hilarious but honestly I didn't realize it was a show... I thought it was a VH-1 commercial.