Monday, March 17, 2008

Elijah Wood Is he or isn't he?

Why am I kicking myself now for not trying to talk to Elijah? You know, pretend like I don't know who he is and ask, "Do you know where this band is from?" Or just be honest about knowing who he is and ask if he wouldn't mind taking a picture with me? Because my whole life I've had a crush on Elijah Wood! Ugh! So there is some speculation that he is gay, I don't really care...but I kind of want to know. Dang it why didn't I talk to him? I'm pretty sure he would have wanted my contact information so we could hang out when ever he's in Austin. And then I'd eventually ask him to show me his Lord of the Rings tattoo. And he'd try to convince me to watch those movies and I'd say no thanks, let's just watch Radio Flyer.

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Kate said...

why is everyone voting "maybe"? that was our starting point, people. c'mon, take a stance.

I voted "yes" and must now add the obligatory disclaimer of "not that it matters to me one way or the other" just in case someone out there reading this comment should think that I'm homophobic or anti-gay. I love all people. Kumbaya, okay? : )