Monday, January 7, 2008

2008 is Great!

I'm trying my darnedest to make sure my 2008 kicks 2007's ass-to make sure I have so much fun that it trumps being dumped and the other "fun" stuff that 2007 had to offer. So far so good...

January Calendar thus far...
1 Cotton Bowl with Susan-watched Mizzou beat Arkansas!
2 Participated in my first bar sponsored Trivia Night with a group of new friends. Our team name was "I went to the Spears family Christmas and all I got was this dumb baby." Our team won the first round and came in third overall!
3 Went to "First Thursday" on South Congress with my friend Mitzi and her sister Veronica. South Congress is a fun street with shops and restaurants. On the first Thursday of every month the stores serve beer, stay open late, and artists are on the street selling some great stuff. I scored some Italian olive green suede boots for only $38 at a cool vintage store called Prototype.
4 Friday night and I met some new girlfriends out for drinks at a martini bar called Brown Bar. Had some delicious drinks including one called the Wedding Cake Martini. It literally smelled like cake batter. We finished the night out at Lucky Lounge. Would love to share that story with you guys, but not on the me for details :)
5 Gorgeous Saturday in Austin-rode my bike in the sunny and 75 degree weather. Took a well-deserved nap, made some fish and black beans for dinner, then watched The Heartbreak Kid with friends. Funny and silly movie.
6 Played Trivial Pursuit at my friend's coffee shop with a group of new peeps then a yummy dinner of mini burgers at Phil's Icehouse. I heart mini burgers.

Not bad for the first week of the New Year. Good times with new and old friends and of course some nice moments just for myself as I kick 2007 out the door.


Susan said...

Good for you, Jessica! 2008 will be great!

Mike&Maggie said...

You've discovered a drink that tastes like cake batter???